CSGORoll PVP Enhancer

This extension aims to enhance the user experience on the CSGORoll website by providing real-time updates and improved visibility of amounts during PVP battles.

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Main Features of CSGORoll PVP Enhancer

Real-Time Amount Updates

CSGORoll PVP Enhancer provides real-time updates of amounts during PVP battles on CSGO Roll. As cases are opened, the extension dynamically reflects the leading amount with green color and the trailing amount with red color.

Winning Team Indicator

The extension includes a winning player/team indicator. By considering the total coins spent for the battle, it displays an indicator in green if the user's team is currently winning, and in red if they are losing.

Leading/Trailing Difference

Displays the amount the player/team is leading or trailing in parentheses. It provides clear visibility of the current leading and trailing amounts for both teams, offering transparency and clarity.

Rarity Gradient (%)

Incorporates a visual representation of the percentage of items obtained from the cases. Each item's percentage is showcased with colors to provide a quick assessment of its rarity.


Our Pricing Plans


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€ 16.99/mo

€ 5.99/mo

  • Lifetime access
  • Free updates
  • Use on any device
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Any Questions? Answered

To install CSGORoll PVP Enhancer, follow these steps:
Go to the Chrome Web Store.
Search for CSGORoll PVP Enhancer.
Click on the "Add to Chrome" button.
Make sure you have Google Chrome installed and up to date for proper functionality.
After the free trial period, After the free trial period, the monthly payment paywall will prompted automatically to the user.
You can even pay while being on trial, just click the extension icon in browser toolbar and click 'Pay Now'.
Yes, CSGORoll PVP Enhancer offers a 2-day free trial to experience the full capabilities of the extension.
For support or feedback, please reach out to csgorollextension@gmail.com.

What our Customers Says

“Game-changing extension! The winning team indicator keeps me updated on our progress and the opponents'. The color-coded item rarity feature helps me quickly identify valuable items. Highly recommend!“


CSGORoll Level 89

“Wow, what a game-changer! The winning team indicator and color-coded rarity display add excitement and efficiency. Developers nailed it. Five stars!“


CSGORoll Level 92

“An essential companion for CSGOROLL battles. With the CSGOROLL PVP Enhancer extension, you can effortlessly track your net profit in real-time as the battle unfolds. Couldn't be happier!“


CSGORoll Level 52